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I first want to note that Highly Sensitive People, Empath’s and those who are sensitive to energies ie: health care workers, energy/alternative care workers etc. may find themselves rundown. This is the last thing you want to happen if what your hope is to stay healthy through this crisis. That be it said the following are suggestions for all however, if you are HSP, Empath, health care worker, or energy/alternative care worker, these are VERY important right now for your overall health.

If you or someone you know has come down with Covid-19 OR is in the high risk category, please sign up here for my daily reiki list. No participation needed.
**Please if you are asking on behalf of someone else, I do ask that you talk with them about being added to a reiki list.
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I use a number of different resources for clearing the energy within myself as well as the energy around me. If you are a sensitive you may be feeling a great deal of the fear, anxiety and transitional frustration that is happening all over our world right now.

1. Do not be afraid! Be informed!
2. Take all the precautions provided by
the CDC or the World Health Org.
3. Take care of yourself; mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually.
4. Always remember to ground and center yourself
with each hand washing and prior to each
of the below techniques.
5. And most important is to remember…..
This TOO shall pass!

Cleansing space:

Tool: White Sage, or Cedar incense

How: First say a prayer/intention/mantra to cleanse either yourself or your home from any negative energy, including EMFs as these are more prominent at our homes due to employment from home suggestions.
(Mantra Example: Cleanse my home (me) of any negative energy, fill my home (me) with love and light). Repeat this as you light the sage/cedar. Then repeat frequently as you start at the front door of your home and walk (to your right) clock-wise around the home. Ensure you “smudge” (the act of saging) all hallways, closets and the items with in closets, as well as attics and garages. As an extra element, when you have finished inside the home, circling the home 3 times, clock-wise, will add an extra cleansing barrier. If you live in an apartment, just cleanse within the home as much as possible.

Resource for purchasing sage and incenses of all types with in isolation: Shamans Market they also have a variety of other energetic tools. They are a great company with quick customer service.

Cleansing Physical Body:

Tool: White Sage, Amber Crystal

How: We can always use sage to smudge ourselves. You can do this in the same way of the cleansing space just waving the smudge stick from the top of the head down to the feet and then smudging the bottom of the feet. Remember to repeat the mantra while you swipe the sage.

Resource for purchasing sage or crystals with in isolation: Shamans Market they also have a variety of other energetic tools look around. They are a great company with quick customer service.

Protect Mental Body:

Tool: YouTube Energy Reader: Gregory Scott is a Astrologer and Tarot reader. He does daily Tarot readings of the overall energy of that day. A weekly Astrology reading for the energetic alignments. This guidance has helped greatly in preparing me for the energy ahead. He is in the UK (Glastonbury) so those who pick up on these energies quicker than most people are at an advantage since you can watch his readings up to 15 hours ahead of each day.

Tool: Amber Crystal

How: Mind Negative Energy releaser. Either wear as a necklace, earrings, or in your pocket. Amber will help with the healing process as well as assist in easing stress by clearing phobias and fears.

Cleanse Protect Auric Body:

Tool: Amethyst; heals holes in the aura, cleanses it, draws in divine energy to protect the aura.
Tool: Bloodstone; cleanses the aura.
Tool: Carnelian; repairs the aura.
Tool: Citrine; cleanses and aligns the aura.
Tool: Magnetite; strengthens the aura.
Tool: Quartz; cleanses, protects, and strengthens the aura. Seals auric tears.
Tool: Smoky Quartz; grounds energy and removes negative energy from the aura.

How: Stones are best for wearing on you. Wearing around your neck is most beneficial. However, just having on your person will assist. Wear as any jewelry, rings, or just placed in a wallet or in a pocket.

Resource for purchasing sage or crystals with in isolation: Shamans Market they also have a variety of other energetic tools look around. They are a great company with quick customer service.

***This guide is in no way the answer to
ALL options for energetic cleansing. This is a starter guide to get the ideas moving in your mind on 
additional ways we can help keep our society physically, mentally, 
emotionally, and spiritually healthy.

****Hawks Journey is in no way affiliated with  Shamans Market or Gregory Scott. These are only suggestions on people and companies to start in your process of discovering tools to help in these transitioning times.