Chapter 2 – part 2

Where do we need to integrate?

If integration can include a change in schools when you were in elementary or helping the homeless or literally learning a new language the options are endless on how we can accept different, grow and evolve. We can and should integrate. 

Now should, why “should” you say? Well truth alert here! … Because despite the religious or spiritual or atheist belief you have, there are some common human morals that can cross so many of those bridges. Morals like: Treating others the way you would like to be treated. We’ve forgotten that one! We use to hold so greatly to this. Treating people with a kind heart because it just plum felt good, and in-turn looking for that treatment too. You see this answer would even include, feeding those who are hungry because you too would like food. Also, housing someone because you too would like a roof over your head and heat on your toes. How about life skills? Budgeting? Meal preparation? Education/Support to all! Education as adults can be much more strategic. If you are a reader, or a visual or a doer, there are now unlimited FREE ways to educate yourself on any one topic. What if we all just sought out the expert so we stop thinking we have to do it all.

But how can we do that, we can’t just house everyone, educate everyone, love everyone. Right? Or can we? Have we already made huge steps to do just that we just didn’t know where to look? As you see one of my passions unfolding on the pages, what if we could?

As a visual let’s bring to mind all the times you had to learn a new job. 

Employers pay you for new employee training. Get to know the lay of the land. You know, get to know the “lingo we use here”, btw, I actually had a manager say that on my hire day once. ?

You’ve been really excited about this job, it’s in your field of interest and you are just on cloud nine. 

Fast forward 3 weeks… Your partner is worried about you; you’ve been irritable and anxious, and you are starting to second guess the job choice. Your old boss said you could come back if things didn’t work out. Sure, it’s not in your field and dead end but at least it’s consistent. You guess the job work is okay but you just can’t figure out why your co-workers are so distant. Which is now making it nearly impossible for you to find the balance. Dragging it home you find that even the home life is stressing you out and your on edge all the time.

Then you realize you are in transition, you are learning to integrate into a whole new world at this company. Sure the work was challenging but it’s what you love to do. You realize you’ve felt kinda solo at your new work, you don’t feel like you fit in with your coworkers and you’re not sure it will work. 

We’ve all had this kind of job. Some may be disguised as a good deal but more times than not it’s about how we are adjusting to the new, vs. the problem being what was already there. Change is difficult don’t get me wrong. Integrating can even be harder, because it requires some compromise or what I like to call “letting go of what doesn’t serve you”. Not always are you interested in letting go of what doesn’t serve because we’ve convinced ourselves that it is serving us for one reason or another. 

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