Chapter 2 part 1 – Where do we need to integrate?

What if we integrated in vast ways? Could integrating something small really help? What would happen? Could it be any worse than now? Well this book is a lot about those questions. 

The start of learning to integrate starts with some of these Big Questions. Integration is finding communal balance, blending in our ever changing world is a challenge for everyone (but being tested to the max these days with home quarantines). One day we look at the world and the next we wake it seems different. And sometimes the difference is vast. Integration “needs” typically follow areas where we see: a lack, a need, a better possible way. These creative thoughts you have about community are your opportunity for integration.

It’s in those vast times we can find the answers we seek.

Integration starts… with accepting yourself. 

“Wait, What? No, please don’t say it!”
I hear your cries! 🙂
“Not another self help book…”
Well, yes in a way this is. But you probably thought I was going that way from last weeks chapter. ?

The key aspect of accepting someone else’s view is being confident in your own views AND be open to those views evolving. 

You see, you can not integrate by being you, if you haven’t accepted yourself. If self judgement is your dominant nature, integrating into a new way will feel like nothing but struggling down a never ending road. However, that judgement can intentionally arise as intrigue, in an attempt to learn because you can only integrate if you learn first. To learn first you must be willing to have what thoughts you have, change. When we learn we become different we accept more, we bridge more, we strive more, we succeed more.

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