Thank you for joining me!

Hello all and thank you for coming to my first post on my new web page.

I have been working in the mind/body/spirit healing modalities for 6 years. After a very profound personal transition in my life, I was blessed with abilities to see the healing process needed within individuals who have struggled to find answers in western modalities. I have worked with people in a range of different places on their path. Orthopedic complications, intestinal upset, cancer, stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD and drug rehabilitation symptom relief, LGBTQAI integration.

I do a wide range of modalities, involving the individual through the whole process. Such modalities include but are not limited to: Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, shamanic drumming, crystal therapy, spiritual guidance, intuitive messages and readings.

I am a believer that you were guided here. You were guided to a way to help yourself, though in a way you may never have seen. I help guide people through the unknown to discover the healing within the journey.

Thank you for being here!