Chapter 2 – part 2

Where do we need to integrate?

If integration can include a change in schools when you were in elementary or helping the homeless or literally learning a new language the options are endless on how we can accept different, grow and evolve. We can and should integrate. 

Now should, why “should” you say? Well truth alert here! … Because despite the religious or spiritual or atheist belief you have, there are some common human morals that can cross so many of those bridges. Morals like: Treating others the way you would like to be treated. We’ve forgotten that one! We use to hold so greatly to this. Treating people with a kind heart because it just plum felt good, and in-turn looking for that treatment too. You see this answer would even include, feeding those who are hungry because you too would like food. Also, housing someone because you too would like a roof over your head and heat on your toes. How about life skills? Budgeting? Meal preparation? Education/Support to all! Education as adults can be much more strategic. If you are a reader, or a visual or a doer, there are now unlimited FREE ways to educate yourself on any one topic. What if we all just sought out the expert so we stop thinking we have to do it all.

But how can we do that, we can’t just house everyone, educate everyone, love everyone. Right? Or can we? Have we already made huge steps to do just that we just didn’t know where to look? As you see one of my passions unfolding on the pages, what if we could?

As a visual let’s bring to mind all the times you had to learn a new job. 

Employers pay you for new employee training. Get to know the lay of the land. You know, get to know the “lingo we use here”, btw, I actually had a manager say that on my hire day once. ?

You’ve been really excited about this job, it’s in your field of interest and you are just on cloud nine. 

Fast forward 3 weeks… Your partner is worried about you; you’ve been irritable and anxious, and you are starting to second guess the job choice. Your old boss said you could come back if things didn’t work out. Sure, it’s not in your field and dead end but at least it’s consistent. You guess the job work is okay but you just can’t figure out why your co-workers are so distant. Which is now making it nearly impossible for you to find the balance. Dragging it home you find that even the home life is stressing you out and your on edge all the time.

Then you realize you are in transition, you are learning to integrate into a whole new world at this company. Sure the work was challenging but it’s what you love to do. You realize you’ve felt kinda solo at your new work, you don’t feel like you fit in with your coworkers and you’re not sure it will work. 

We’ve all had this kind of job. Some may be disguised as a good deal but more times than not it’s about how we are adjusting to the new, vs. the problem being what was already there. Change is difficult don’t get me wrong. Integrating can even be harder, because it requires some compromise or what I like to call “letting go of what doesn’t serve you”. Not always are you interested in letting go of what doesn’t serve because we’ve convinced ourselves that it is serving us for one reason or another. 

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Chapter 2 part 1 – Where do we need to integrate?

What if we integrated in vast ways? Could integrating something small really help? What would happen? Could it be any worse than now? Well this book is a lot about those questions. 

The start of learning to integrate starts with some of these Big Questions. Integration is finding communal balance, blending in our ever changing world is a challenge for everyone (but being tested to the max these days with home quarantines). One day we look at the world and the next we wake it seems different. And sometimes the difference is vast. Integration “needs” typically follow areas where we see: a lack, a need, a better possible way. These creative thoughts you have about community are your opportunity for integration.

It’s in those vast times we can find the answers we seek.

Integration starts… with accepting yourself. 

“Wait, What? No, please don’t say it!”
I hear your cries! 🙂
“Not another self help book…”
Well, yes in a way this is. But you probably thought I was going that way from last weeks chapter. ?

The key aspect of accepting someone else’s view is being confident in your own views AND be open to those views evolving. 

You see, you can not integrate by being you, if you haven’t accepted yourself. If self judgement is your dominant nature, integrating into a new way will feel like nothing but struggling down a never ending road. However, that judgement can intentionally arise as intrigue, in an attempt to learn because you can only integrate if you learn first. To learn first you must be willing to have what thoughts you have, change. When we learn we become different we accept more, we bridge more, we strive more, we succeed more.

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Chapter 1 – Integration

Chapter 1 What does it mean to integrate?

Having grown up an Irish Catholic School girl, I then never would have imagined I’d be writing about integration. But…

That Irish Catholic School girl was going to hit some interesting bumps in the road that made for her look on the world to be much larger than 3 boxes. My life changed quiet quickly in 5th grade when a depressive state resulted in my switching from catholic school education to public school. The switch was good for me however, the effects made for a different look at the world.

By third grade, though I was already standing against the norm, I’d started to grow in all areas. One of the tallest in the class, boys or girls, once puberty started the changes became even more drastic. And oh yeah I’d started to gain weight making me also the “fat” girl. By fifth grade the teasing, isolation and loneliness had become too much. My being with the same kids for 6 years, made it difficult to be different. 

Still… who am I to talk about integration, am I right? Well, we were in the same boat. When I started thinking about the contents of this book (that you are sneak peaking on my blog) I didn’t think it would be about integration! Such a big word right? We’ve put so much on its shoulders, as we can do with words sometimes. 

I grew up with a well off, upper middle class family. My parents had landed in my hometown after college — which is when my father started his newspaper career. My mother being Hispanic (and a home maker during this chapters stories), I never realized, made her one of the darkest complected people in our church and town. My father 100% Irish passed those genes down to me. I couldn’t look more Irish if I tried! But my mom and sisters all with dark hair, eyes and skin… Well we are a unique looking bunch, especially when I dyed my hair blonde. lol! ?

Before we get too deep into things why don’t we back up some and I tell you a little about myself. 

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Personal Book Release

Hello everyone!
Thank you for coming to the launch of my book chapters on I will be posting a new chapter every week to have active discussion on.

Writing this book has been a 6 year in the works endeavor, that I decided to give first peak to all of you. I am working on self publishing options but felt this information needed to get out sooner than later.

I want to hear from you! Leave a comment, interact and give your stories on each of the chapters that I post. I would like for this to be an opportunity to have people look outside their own lens.

This book was originally written in 2019 and has been adapted for the current dynamic in our world. All this in an attempt to make this unknown world we face, seem a little less daunting. This book (No title yet, suggestions welcome) is a guide on how to integrate yourself into new worlds.

No this book is not about CONFORMING, it’s about a smooth integration into a new!

If you are interested in helping with the endeavor to self publishing my book or to help with the distribution of additional YouTube video with more detailed content, please head over to my Patreon acct. where you can choose to support this work.

Come by 4/12/2020 for the first chapter of the book to be published. I will post one new chapter every week till we are finished with the book. I will also be responding via YouTube with practical application stories to help with how to truly implement the lessons for a better way of life!

Thank you for joining me!

Hello all and thank you for coming to my first post on my new web page.

I have been working in the mind/body/spirit healing modalities for 6 years. After a very profound personal transition in my life, I was blessed with abilities to see the healing process needed within individuals who have struggled to find answers in western modalities. I have worked with people in a range of different places on their path. Orthopedic complications, intestinal upset, cancer, stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD and drug rehabilitation symptom relief, LGBTQAI integration.

I do a wide range of modalities, involving the individual through the whole process. Such modalities include but are not limited to: Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, shamanic drumming, crystal therapy, spiritual guidance, intuitive messages and readings.

I am a believer that you were guided here. You were guided to a way to help yourself, though in a way you may never have seen. I help guide people through the unknown to discover the healing within the journey.

Thank you for being here!