About Carson

Carson provides clairvoyant intuitive healings, spiritual coaching, and tool/resources and teachings to all Hawks Journey clients. A certified Reiki practitioner, Carson works to bridge the gaps between the unseen and the seen. A bridge into the psyche of your higher self. Carson, a bridge for a variety of communities and experiences, has formulated a collaborative integrative approach to total Mind/Body/Spirit providing deep Soul healing. In her reawakening, after a very quick explosion of loss, Carson found great comfort and support in the unseen world. Yet, in those “downloads” Carson was guided to write a manuscript which is what the lessons are based on. With your involvement and help this manuscript will evolve into a published book. Carson’s process of self healing lead to the lessons needed by so many world wide. Carson’s spiritual coaching is lead through these examples assisting with the expansion of consciousness. Through direct revelation, devotion and an open heart, Carson now guides those interested in the path of these discoveries. From Numerology to Shamanism; from Mindfulness to Crystals; Therapeutic Touch to Reiki, Carson walks you through a complementary way of healing and self expression.

Carson openly accepts both pronouns (He or She). Which means you will be accurate however you address Carson. Carson is humbled to have you here, and have you seeing a path/person who can assist you in your self healing journey!