Personal Book Release

Hello everyone!
Thank you for coming to the launch of my book chapters on I will be posting a new chapter every week to have active discussion on.

Writing this book has been a 6 year in the works endeavor, that I decided to give first peak to all of you. I am working on self publishing options but felt this information needed to get out sooner than later.

I want to hear from you! Leave a comment, interact and give your stories on each of the chapters that I post. I would like for this to be an opportunity to have people look outside their own lens.

This book was originally written in 2019 and has been adapted for the current dynamic in our world. All this in an attempt to make this unknown world we face, seem a little less daunting. This book (No title yet, suggestions welcome) is a guide on how to integrate yourself into new worlds.

No this book is not about CONFORMING, it’s about a smooth integration into a new!

If you are interested in helping with the endeavor to self publishing my book or to help with the distribution of additional YouTube video with more detailed content, please head over to my Patreon acct. where you can choose to support this work.

Come by 4/12/2020 for the first chapter of the book to be published. I will post one new chapter every week till we are finished with the book. I will also be responding via YouTube with practical application stories to help with how to truly implement the lessons for a better way of life!

2 thoughts on “Personal Book Release

  1. Excited to read about your journey! I have known you since Kris and Jenn became a couple and have seen the spiritual changes you have been through. Life has always thrown us curveballs and we are in the biggest game of our lives. Congratulations on your hard work. Love you always.

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